Chimp List Helper

A tiny tool to help you manage pending subscribers in MailChimp

What can I do with it?

See everyone who signed up for your email list but never confirmed their email address and manually confirm them or remove them.

More information.

Is this allowed?

If used properly, I don't see why not, but I'm not a lawyer or an expert so use this at your own risk.

MailChimp does suspend accounts that violate their terms or acceptable use policy so don't do that!

NOTE: As of October 31, 2017 MailChimp defaults all mailing lists to single-opt-in, making this tool largely unnecessary moving forwards—unless you live in the E.U.

If you're still using double-opt-in, or managed a MailChimp list before the change, you might still have unconfirmed subscribers, which can be managed here.

Get started

Don't worry - nothing you enter or see here will be saved anywhere, but if you're paranoid you can also run this tool locally.